Edge Audio Powered Subs: Big Impact, Low Cost

Let's face it. The bottom octaves don't convey much information. Neither music nor dialog has any real need for ultra low bass, but no movie fan would argue that it doesn't make a huge difference in the impact and realism of a film.

There are basically two ways to get great bass in a home theater. One is with monstrous---and excruciatingly expensive---full-range loudspeakers, and the other is with a dedicated subwoofer or two. If you are a movie fan on a budget, what do you do---go into debt for big speakers, or save your lunch money for a month and buy a sub?

Most folks wisely take the second choice. Edge Audio offers two models of powered subs that will suit all but the most status-conscious: the $599 SW-12, with a 12" long-throw, front-firing driver backed by a 320 watt amplifier, and the $349 SW-8, with a smaller driver and a 150 watt amp. Both subs are rigidly built, extremely non-resonant enclosures that guarantee maximum loading into the room---and minimum losses in the boxes themselves. For easy hookup, Edge Audio provides back-panel speaker-level and line-level inputs, controls for variable crossover points, and level sets for both models.

The SW-12 and SW-8 are said to meld seamlessly with Edge Audio's 502D-LR satellite speakers. Home theater fans will find that the low-end reinforcement they provide will compliment almost every speaker on the market.