Denon AVR-5800 A/V receiver Measurements


The Denon AVR-5800's stereo analog frequency response, left channel measured (CD input to speaker output), was -0.17dB at 20Hz, -0.14dB at 20kHz, and -0.80dB at 50kHz. The frequency response in Dolby Digital, optical input to speaker out, measured -0.14dB at 20Hz and -0.27dB at 20kHz, left channel. The center channel was essentially identical. The surround channel, with the highpass filter engaged, measured -3dB at 84Hz and -6dB at 64Hz. The lowpass filter's response, relative to its level at 40Hz, was -3dB at 67Hz and -6dB at 82Hz.

THD+noise in stereo at 1W into 8ohms measured 0.011% at 20Hz, 1kHz, and 20kHz. The corresponding results at 2W into 4ohms were 0.006% at 20Hz, 1kHz, and 20kHz.

Currently, our test facility isn't equipped to measure seven channels driven simultaneously. But with six channels driven, the AVR-5800's power output at clipping (1% THD+noise) measured 143Wpc at 1kHz and 145Wpc at 20Hz, left channel measured to the nearest watt. Into 4ohms, the corresponding results were 220Wpc at 1kHz and 176Wpc at 20Hz, though the main power-supply fuse had to be increased in value by 20% to remain intact during this measurement. (Increasing the fuse value is not recommended for normal use.) With two channels driven at 1kHz, clipping occurred at 206Wpc into 8ohms and 308Wpc into 4ohms, left channel measured.—TJN