Daewoo Pushes Price Barrier With 30" HDTV

Korea's Daewoo has something for movie fans with small home theater rooms: a 30" diagonal direct-view HDTV for under $3000.

The DSP-3060N features a flat screen picture tube made by Toshiba and fully integrated high definition performance, including left, center, and right front speakers, a digital tuner and inboard decoding for Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The set is being sold on the West Coast at Fry's electronics stores, at Costco stores in Brooklyn, NY and in the southeastern U.S., and at other warehouse club stores around the country. A national sales campaign is planned for later this year when factory production increases to as many as 2000 units per month.

Daewoo will debut larger HDTVs, including a 34" model and a plasma display, once production is ramped up in its Mexican factory, according to marketing manager Kevin Saracinello. The DSP-3060N's $2999.95 suggested retail price is an industry low for a fully integrated HDTV, he says. Rear channel speakers and a subwoofer are being bundled with the new unit as a sales incentive.