Coming Attractions

Boston Acoustics

Here's a compact device that lets you wake up in style or add audiophile-grade sound to a space that doesn't have room for a larger system. It's Boston Acoustics' MicroSystem CD, a tabletop-sized CD player and AM/FM tuner, complete with two alarm clocks and a large, bright LCD panel. The product provides warm, room-filling sound, and the company's proprietary BassTrac function provides powerful low-end sound that Boston Acoustics describes as being out of proportion to the unit's size. The tuner's technology makes the MicroSystem CD particularly good at pulling in weak signals. Plus, it's iPod- and MP3-player-friendly. The price tag reads $499. Boston Acoustics
(978) 538-5000

Atlantic Technology

An ancient sage once said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But sometimes, just because something isn't broken doesn't mean it can't be improved upon. The latter statement must be closer to the working doctrine of Atlantic Technology, as indicated by their release of the System 4200e THX Select speaker package, which is an upgrade on their well-received System 4200 THX Select ensemble. Updates include a much more powerful, deeply resonant subwoofer, as well as permanently attached cabinet panels on the left, right, and center speakers. The system retains its predecessor's wide horizontal and low vertical dispersion. The 5.1-channel System 4200e, including subwoofer (not pictured here), has a retail price of $3,500. Atlantic Technology
(781) 762-6300