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Killing two birds with one stone always feels better when you don't actually have to kill birds. Onkyo helps you do just that with their CB-SP1200, a TV stand with built-in left, center, and right speakers. Both the left and right speakers have one woofer and a balanced dome tweeter, while the center channel's tweeter is flanked by two woofers. Each speaker is magnetically shielded to prevent interference with your TV. The CB-SP1200 measures 17 inches tall by 47 inches wide by 17.75 inches deep, making the stand most practical for someone who has a large flat-panel display but not a lot of room for additional components. It retails for $599. Onkyo
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One thing that couldn't be more clear in 2005 is that the iPod culture is here to stay. So it stands to reason that we will be seeing more products that incorporate iPods into home sound systems. SpeakerCraft addresses this market with their $75 MZC/iPod Interface kit, which allows you to use your iPod as one of the sources for the company's MZC-66 six-zone, six-source A/V controller ($2,400). The kit includes an infrared receiver called the naviPod that attaches to your iPod. The MZC-66 communicates with the iPod via the naviPod, and the iPod sends information back to the MZC-66 through a miniplug-to-RCA cable. The control keypads install into the walls in each room, and a remote control lets you easily operate everything. SpeakerCraft
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