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Meridian has introduced a new variant on their line of modular, THX Ultra2–equipped G68 pre/pros for audio material. The new unit, the G68J, significantly cuts costs by eliminating some of the functions found on Meridian's other units, such as a tuner and multiroom capability. The G68J is compatible with other Meridian products that take care of the video side of things, and, like other G68 models, it is also compatible with Meridian MHR Smart Link signals from Meridian disc players, allowing the G68J to upsample the signals for improved sound quality. The G68J has a full complement of digital inputs and outputs, along with eight analog outputs. The powerful G68J retails for $6,500. Meridian Audio
(404) 344-7111

RBH Sound

Spatial and budgetary constraints require some folks to mix and match speakers of varying quality and brands for their home theaters. To make life easier for people who find themselves in such situations, RBH Sound offers the MC Theater Series. The MC Theater Series includes three preselected arrangements from RBH's extensive line of MC speakers for less than $2,600. You can also personally select individual pieces from the MC line, which includes additional speaker choices not included in the preselected packages. Because all of the speaker options are sonically matched, you can expect a consistent level of sound reproduction. The System 5 package ($1,500), is shown here. RBH Sound
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