Celebrated Speaker Designer Andrew Jones Joins ELAC

Speaker designer extraordinaire, Andrew Jones, who left Pioneer in the wake of the recent merger with Onkyo to join the German speaker company ELAC, has not been sitting idle.

The 89-year-old German-based speaker company announced yesterday that it is returning to the U.S. market with a new affordable line of speakers designed by Jones. Dubbed ELAC Debut, the eight-model series will include bookshelf, floorstanding, center-channel, and Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers along with three powered subwoofers.

ELAC is unveiling the speakers at The Home Entertainment Show Newport in Irvine, CA May 29-31.

A 17-year Pioneer veteran, Jones was the driving force behind a number of affordable home theater speakers, including the Dolby Atmos-enabled SP-EBS73-LR speaker system, a 2015 Sound & Vision Top Pick. Jones was also chief speaker engineer at Pioneer’s high-end speaker company, TAD, and held positions at KEF and Infinity prior to Pioneer.

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I'm going to resist the urge to panic. I will tell myself that Jones' leaving doesn't reflect the state of Pioneer under Onkyo, it only reflects the relationship of Jones with Pioneer under Onkyo. The upper tier Elite AVR's will still be released with the same class D amplification, will be Atmos enabled AND HDCP 2.2 compliant. Onkyo will not muck with the Elite Brand. Everything will be okay........won't it?

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For the moment things should stay the same but give it time