Buy a Stewart Filmscreen Masking System, Get $1,000 Off a Kaleidescape Movie Server

Stewart Filmscreen, has announced a promotion offering $1,000 off the purchase of a Kaleidescape server-based movie system to anyone who purchases one of its screen masking systems.

The U.S.-based promotion, which kicks off a partnership between the companies, runs through the end of 2022 and is offered with the purchase of a Stewart Filmscreen Director’s Choice, VistaScope, or WallMask system. The $1,000 discount is offered for the purchase a Kaleidescape system comprising a Terra movie server and Strato C movie player; the compact Terra system is excluded from the promotion.

Designed to work with most home-automation control systems, Stewart masking systems store multiple screen aspect ratios, allowing movies to be displayed in their native aspect ratios, and activate automatically when integrated with a Kaleidescape movie system, which also has controls for adjusting shades and lighting.

“For 75 years, Stewart Filmscreen has been the industry’s choice for reference screens with sleek form factor designs, precise screen masking capabilities and expertise in offering the perfect screen for any private cinema environment,” said Norma Garcia-Muro, Kaleidescape’s vice president of marketing. “With Kaleidescape’s unparalleled, reference-quality movie ecosystem, the combination of Kaleidescape’s Terra + Strato C systems and Stewart’s best-in-class screens, with directly integrated masking automation, will take any private cinema to the next level of luxury.”

Adrian Silva, vice president of sales for Stewart Filmscreen, said the promotion “aligns perfectly with the standard of reference quality imaging capabilities our customers have come to expect when installing a Stewart screen. We are extremely impressed with Kaleidescape’s unrivaled playback quality, especially when it comes to 4K UHD with HDR content, that delivers an image so pristine you can’t take your eyes off the screen.”

The Kaleidescape system is designed to play 4K high dynamic range (HDR) movies with a video bitrate four times higher than streaming services, while reproducing lossless quality audio “up to ten times higher than any streaming device,” according to the company; the Kaleidescape Movie Store provides access to more than 13,000 movies, TV series, and concerts.

Both brands are well known for supporting reference-level home theater entertainment — Stewart Filmscreen as a longstanding maker of high-quality video projection screens and Kaleidescape as a pioneer in server-based digital movie systems that launched its first DVD-based server system 20 years ago.

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If you can afford a K System and a S screen, you do not need a grand off. These are play things for the 1%, nothing more. Over 20 years ago, I set up my own projection system, I would have preferred a Stewart screen, but it was literally 10X what I paid for a lesser known brand. Why is that? Is it a little better made? Yes, but worth 10X? As far as the rich mans idea of digital storage. My Kodi system has 125TB of TV and movies that I have collected over the years. You know what? I have WAYYYY less into it then the trust fund babies do, probably understand it better too. So when it needs tweaking, I don't have to call in someone. Better for my brain and my wallet. Of course, those guys don't work for their money anyway, so I imagine they don't care.