A Brillian Idea

Brillian Corporation announced last week that it has entered the 720p and 1080p high-definition television product market. Having developed its first 720p rear-projection HDTV platform in the third quarter of 2003, the company says it is now offering its liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS) Gen II microdisplay-based digital television to brand-name original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who will be offered an opportunity to rebrand Brillian's digital televisions.

The company considers itself the industry's "first and only provider of LCOS Gen II technology," and says that it is aiming its proprietary and patented technologies along with systems integration expertise and supplier relationships to offer complete 720p and 1080p HDTV systems in the over 50" diagonal screen size format.

Brillian's Rainer Kuhn states "We're offering a unique value proposition: a large-screen television with breakthrough image quality so realistic it's nearly photographic, at an incredible price/performance level for the HDTV market. We're offering complete high-end, rear-projection HDTVs and are committed to pushing our already sizable technology and systems integration edge closer to the consumer.

Kuhn adds that because of the "speed and ease" with which his company's approach to HDTV can be scaled to higher resolutions, he considers it the most attractive technology platform for the next generation of high-definition television and computing video products. "As a result, we believe Brillian will play a key role in the further transformation of television moving forward."

Brillian expects its LCOS Gen II-based HDTV products to be available via a variety of retail channels in North America in 2004. The company claims that its LCOS Gen II technology delivers contrast ratios as high as 2500:1, and also features fast response times (less than 10 milliseconds) for "excellent video reproduction without motion or digital artifacts." Brillain also points out that "there is no 'rainbow' effect that some consumers find troubling."