B&K Reference 7250: High-Rez/High-Output x 5

If you count yourself among the legions of action movie fans who can't get enough of earth-shaking sound tracks, but also enjoy the occasional string quartet, B&K has just what you've been looking for. The Reference 7250's five channels each put out 200 watts of high-resolution power---one kilowatt total, enough to bring the police to your door with a request to cease and desist.

True to B&K's long tradition of offering high quality at a reasonable price, the 7250 isn't just another big amplifier. It's built to audiophile specifications for clean low level detail and sweet, non-fatiguing high frequencies but will drive any loudspeaker you care to mate with it to deafening levels. Engineering highlights include a Class AB MOSFET output stage, 1% metal film resistors for ultra low thermal noise, computer grade capacitors, torroidal power transformers, and discrete circuitry throughout.

Each channel has its own level control, making system calibration a breeze, especially in systems where the front and rear channel speakers are different brands. The 7250's five channels of amplification are identical, unlike some amplifiers that skimp on the rears by using a monolithic output IC and cheap connectors. Conservatively rated at 200 watts/8 ohms, the B&K has enormous dynamic headroom, capable of 375watts/4ohms or 75 ampere peak current. Should you accidentally short your speaker cables or push the volume beyond reasonable limits, the 7250's "Limited Short Circuit Protection" feature will prevent damage to its output stage or power supply. Standard issue is in satin black, with a champagne gold face plate available as an option.

Several high-profile reviewers have praised the Reference 7250 as "all you will ever need in a power amplifier." Widely distributed, the B&K retails at $2498.