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Cambridge SoundWorks Newton P500 ($800) The Newton offers more setup and adjustment options than any other sub here. bigger bass - cambridge

What's in the Box? Cabinet design sealed Finish blond maple or mahogany veneer, or slate gray Driver size 8 inches (two) Rated Power 500 watts Controls variable 50- to 150-Hz low-pass crossover, crossover bypass, high-pass filter, low-pass equalizer, level, variable phase, auto-on; outboard control box Warranty 10 years speaker/cabinet, 2 years amplifier and electronics bigger bass - cambridge back

How Big Is It? Dimensions (WxHxD) 13 x 14 x 12 inches Volume 1 1/8 cubic feet Footprint 1 square foot Weight 35 pounds

Ins & Outs speaker-level, line-level, and LFE inputs L/R high-pass line-level output

How Low Does It Go? Bass limit 25 Hz at 70 dB SPL The Newton's output at 25 Hz was 14 dB below the average for the subs in the test group.

How Big the Bang? Average SPL from 25 to 62 Hz 90.8 dB Maximum SPL 106.5 dB at 62 Hz Dollars per dB $8.81 The sub's already average levels fell off rapidly below 62 Hz.

The Bottom Line The P500 is pricey, but its small cabinet, deep bass, remote control, and other options might justify the cost for many people. Its setup flexibility is unmatched by the other subs here, but using the outboard control box does mean running more wires.

Manufacturer Cambridge SoundWorks,, 800-367-4434

PDF: In the Lab

PDF: Subwoofer Setup Secrets Subwoofer Serenades Test Tracks