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Bag End Infrasub-12 ($1,690) Bag End claims the Infrasub-12 can do 8 Hz - but how does it perform before it drops below the range of human hearing?

What's in the Box?

Cabinet design sealed, magnetically shielded Electronics proprietary ELF (Extended Low Frequency) processor Finish black textured paint Driver size 12 inches Rated Power 400 watts continuous Controls fixed 95-Hz low-pass filter, fixed 95-Hz high-pass filter (line only), phase switch, level, on/off Warranty 1 year

How Big Is It? Dimensions (WxHxD) 18 x 15 1/2 x 15 1/4 inches Volume 1 1/2 cubic feet Footprint 2 square feet Weight 56 pounds

Ins & Outs 3 line-level inputs and outputs 2 speaker-level inputs

How Low Does It Go? Bass limit 16 Hz at 65 dB SPL While the Bag End showed it could plumb the depths, it produced only modest SPLs.

How Big the Bang? Average SPL from 25 to 62 Hz 96.1 dB Maximum SPL 110 dB at 62 Hz Dollars per dB $17.58 The sub produced impressive levels at 62 Hz but was 3 to 5 dB below average from 50 Hz on down.

The Bottom Line While the Infrasub-12 can go all the way to 16 Hz, its limited feature set and high cost put it on par with similarly equipped but considerably less expensive competitors.

Manufacturer Bag End Loudspeakers,, 847-382-4550

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