BENQ HT9060 DLP Projector Review Test Bench

Test Bench

FULL-ON/FULL-OFF CONTRAST RATIO: 836:1 native and 3,770:1 dynamic (Smart Eco mode)

Measurements were made in both Standard and Eco light modes with the bulk taken in the Cinema picture preset with 6500 selected for color temperature and REC709 for color gamut. The selected gamma preset was 2.2. All calibration was done with the projector's dynamic LED disabled and the contrast ratio measurements were carried out using a variety of light modes as noted. Viewing and measurements were performed on a 140-inch diagonal 2.35:1 Stewart Studiotek 100 screen (1.0 gain).


The full on/off contrast was measured with a Minolta T-10 meter from 1 meter away from the lens face. I tested the projector in various light modes with the Smart Eco mode engaged for dynamic contrast measurements.



The RGB tables were captured from a calibration work- flow in CalMAN 2018. SDR calibration was measured using the REC709 and Gamma 2.2 targets.

The color gamut in REC709 was very good with no value exceeding a Delta E of 3. No adjustments were needed in the color management system after grayscale was dialed in and all colors were below a dE of 2. Luminance and saturation values throughout the inner gamut were also very accurate. Grayscale/gamma before calibration had a peak dE of 4.62 and a peak of 1.4 after calibration. Overall, this is excellent performance and is comparable with other projectors at this price point.—KRD

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