BDI Introduces Customizable AV Storage Console

BDI Furniture’s striking new Elements Collection of media and storage consoles can be configured 24 different ways, making it one of the company’s most customizable offerings to date.

Designed by Al Glass and Jason Guidry, the “mid-century modern” cabinets feature wood paneled doors with intricate patterns created using a unique laser cutting process. The artistic carvings cover perforated metal doors (see inset photo) that allow for sound dispersion, ventilation, and remote control access, while keeping contents concealed.

Configuring an Elements cabinet is a four-step process that begins with selecting one of two cabinet sizes—the 59-inch “triple width” Elements 8777 or 79-inch “quad width” Elements 8779—and choosing one of three door patterns (Mosaic, Ricochet, or Wheat). Then it’s a matter of selecting a base (console or media) and finish (natural walnut or charcoal stained ash).

“At BDI, we believe great design is elemental,” said Bill Becker, design director and CEO. “With the Elements collection, we’ve taken a unique process to create designs you typically won’t see on media and storage furniture. Then we’ve added the ability to customize it in a variety of ways, offering consumers choice and flexibility. The end result is a distinctive collection of media and storage consoles that are highly functional and feature-rich, have a beautiful aesthetic and fit the needs of today’s consumer.”

Elements 8777 is recommended for TVs with screen sizes up to 70 inches and has a top compartment for a soundbar. Elements 8779 is designed for TVs up to 85 inches and has a double-wide center compartment with a storage shelf wide enough to accommodate the largest soundbars.

Additional features include adjustable shelves, cable management to help hide wires, flow-through ventilation to keep electronics from overheating, and removable back panels. The console base provides full-width support with integrated leveler feet, while the media base is a lower profile stand with hidden wheels and integrated levelers.

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I could never find a cabinet I lked so I built my own back when I lived in a house. Hard to do in a condo.