AudioControl Concert AVR-1 A/V Receiver Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The AVR-1 produced obvious color tinting on single-pixel horizontal and vertical test pattern resolution lines (red on verticals, green on horizontals), but they did not show up on normal program material. The HD MA (motion adaptive) test results were just below the threshold of acceptability, with small but noticeable jagged edges on the rotating bar. These jaggies also turned up in the rigging of the sailing ship in the Spears & Munsil High-Definition Benchmark Blu-ray Disc. The receiver also failed the analog video clipping test on the same disc by going completely white on the clipping test pattern. But it did pass below black on both the analog and digital tests. I don’t recommend using the receiver’scomponent-to-HDMI cross-conversion for serious viewing.

While the receiver passed all of our standard digital SD tests, it produced image discoloration with a 480i HDMI input that was serious enough to render it unusable for regular viewing at that HDMI resolution. But the Concert AVR-1 did perform much better than most AVRs in our 480p-to-1080p scaling tests, both digital and analog.—TJN

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