Arcam's AV Electronics Line Gets a Refresh

Britain's Arcam introduced an AV processor and a trio of AV receivers at CEDIA 2019. The new lineup takes its sonic and design cues from the company's high-end HDA range, offering both audiophile-grade DACs and sleek styling.

The AV40 is a 16-channel processor with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Imax Enhanced certification, GoogleCast streaming, and Dirac Live room correction. The AVR30 and AVR20 feature the same processing platform and features as the AV40, but include seven built-in amplifier channels (100Wpc class-G on the AVR30, 90Wpc class-AB on the AVR20). A third receiver model, the AVR10, features 12 processing and seven 60-watt class-AB amplifier channels.

Arcam's new electronics line further includes a trio of power amps: the PA720, a 7 x 120-watt class-AB model; the PA240, a 2 x 200-watt class-G model; and the PA40, a 4 x 50-watt class-AB model. There is also a compact 50Wpc class-D stereo amplifier called the Solo Uno ($700) that features the same streaming module found in the AV processor and AVRs and provides a filtered subwoofer output.

The processor and AVRs will be available in October and are priced as follows: AV40 ($4500), AVR30 ($6000), AVR20 ($4000), AVR10 ($2500).

The PA240 and PA720 amplifiers will be available in November 2019 for $3000 and $2500, respectively, and the PA410 in April 2020 for $1500.