Alexa, Klipsch Can Make You Sound Better

Tons of people use Amazon Alexa Echo smart speakers around their homes as an inexpensive way of utilizing voice control for a variety of tasks, and while the Echo is great in this role, it kinda sucks as an audio speaker. Klipsch wants to do something about that with its new KVA-40 and KVA-110 Echo Input Amplifiers that keep everything that’s good about the Echo while kicking the audio performance up several notches.

The Klipsch KVA-40 and KVA-110 Echo Input Amplifiers mount clean and flush into a wall using a customized housing that holds and powers the connected Echo (sold separately) in an ultra-slim design that fits into a double gang box (or retrofit with dogears) into a total depth of less than 1.75-inches. The faceplate comes in white, but can be painted to match any wall color.

Both models feature built-in amplification powerful enough to drive up to four speakers, with the KVA-40 featuring 2x20-watts and the KVA-110 upping the ante to 2x55-watts. Included with both is a DC-input power wall plate, allowing for easy connection to a local power outlet with no electrician required. Once connected, any music or Alexa voice feedback will be routed to the much higher performing speakers, with voice-control over the volume levels. Meaning Alexa can now deliver the weather, read back your shopping list, and give your daily affirmation in pristine audio quality!

Beyond more power, the KVA-110 also includes a separate input wall-plate with a 3.5mm input that can support either optical digital or analog audio for adding an additional source such as a local TV, as well as an output plate for connecting a separate powered subwoofer to deliver full-range sound.

The KVA-40 will be available in October for $149, while the KVA-110 is due in November for $249.

Klipsch also debuted its new Heritage Outdoor Bar designed for outdoor TV installations. The bar will be available in black or white in customizable widths from 49.5-80-inches to match the size of the TV it is paired with.

The Heritage Outdoor Bar is weatherized with rustproof aluminum grilles and will feature Klipsch horn loaded drivers. The Bar will be available in either a 3-channel passive version for $2500 or a 2-channel powered model for $3500, with both models expected to start shipping in December.