The 3 D's of T3

The latest videogame based specifically on the most recent Arnold Schwarzenegger (who apparently recorded only a portion of his in-game dialogue) action sequel, Terminator 3: Redemption, is the first I've ever seen (and heard) to offer such a distinct hierarchy of audio formats across each of the three major consoles. (I'm a Home Theater guy, sadly this is one of the first details I look for on the package.)

The most basic is the version for Nintendo GameCube which provides live Dolby Surround, noteworthy since the first game ever presented in the step-up Pro-Logic II format was for the GameCube. Sony PlayStation 2 offers Pro-Logic II, numerically appropriately enough, although note further that the previous T3 game, Rise of the Machines, was the first PS2 title ever to be presented entirely in DTS 5.1, quite clearly a cut above this sequel-sequel, sonically. And then there's the dependable Microsoft Xbox, serving up discrete Dolby Digital 5.1 yet again. Set your receivers accordingly.

The best of Atari's T3 offerings by far, the T-rated Redemption, developed by Paradigm Entertainment, is an invigorating combination of shooting, driving, and good old-fashioned, futuristic mayhem.