1998 Golden Note Awards Nominations Announced

Recently, The Academy Advancing High Performance Audio & Video (AAHPAV) released its 1998 Golden Note Awards Nominations. Winners will be announced at the Golden Note Awards banquet, to be held June 10 at The Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, CA. John Hoskins, co-founder of Advantage Performance Group, will present the keynote address, "Why Bad Things Happen to Good New Products."

According to Sue Regan, AAHPAV chairperson, "Because the Golden Note awards are decided by votes from manufacturers---Academy General Members---I believe they are more meaningful to the industry." She goes on to say, "I have always thought these manufacturers need to be spoiled at least once a year with a lavish dinner and celebration; they all work too hard."

More information about the awards can be found at their Web site. Meanwhile, here is a list of this year's video nominees:

Video Source Design
• Faroudja DVD 1000, Faroudja Inc., Dr. Dong Xu and Jack Campbell
• Meridian 586.2 DVD player, Meridian Audio, Bob Stuart
• Panasonic DVD-L IO Portable DVD player, Panasonic, Panasonic Design Team
• Sony DVP-S7000, Sony, Sony Design Center
• Theta Data III, Theta Digital, Theta Design Team

Surround Sound Controller Design
• Lexicon DC-1, Lexicon, Team Squid
• MAC 3 Dolby Digital Processor, McIntosh, McIntosh Engineering Team
• Meridian 861, Meridian Audio, Bob Stuart
• Proceed PAV/PDSD, Madrigal Audio Labs, Madrigal Design Team
• Theta Casablanca, Theta Digital, Theta Design Team

Video Processor Design
• Dwin LD10, Dwin Electronics, Ltd., Dwin Design Team
• Faroudja VP400A, Faroudja Laboratories, Yves Faroudja
• Krell AV Standard, Krell Industries, Inc., Dan D'Agostino
• Runco SC-4200 Quadrafilm, Runco International, Sam Runco
• Theta Casablanca, Theta Digital, Theta Design Team

Best Screen Design
• Stewart Filmscreen Studiotek 130, Stewart Filmscreen, Don Stewart
• Stewart Filmscreen THX-certified, acoustically transparent Micro-perf, Stewart Filmscreen, Don Stewart
• Stewart Filmscreen Stealth trapdoor electriscreen, Stewart Filmscreen, Don Stewart
• Da-Lite Cinema Vision, Da-Lite Screen Company, Da-Lite Design Team
• Da-Lite Rear Screen Video Vision Ultra, Da-Lite Screen Company, Da-Lite Design Team

Best Video Projector
• Runco IDP-980, Runco International, Sam Runco
• Runco DTV-1000, Runco International, Sam Runco
• Runco 991, Runco International, Sam Runco
• Sony VPH-D50Q, Sony, Sony Design Center
• Vidikron Vision One, Vidikron, Giovanni Cozzi

Best One-Piece Rear-Projection System
• Faroudja RP5800, Faroudja Inc., Bob Kirkpatrick and Peter Swartz
• Marantz PV6070, Marantz America, Dan Miller & Joe Kane
• Panasonic PT6IXF70 Rear-Projection TV w/built-in DVD Player
• Pioneer Elite Pro-1009W, Pioneer USA, Pioneer Design Team
• Sony KP-53XBR45, Sony, Sony Design Center

Best Direct-View TV
• Panasonic CT-36VG50 36" stereo TV w/computer monitor, multi-scan system
• Proton NT3740, Proton, Proton Design Group
• Sony KV-32XBR100, Sony, Sony Design Center
• Sony KV-35XBR48, Sony, Sony Design Center
• Toshiba CN36G97 w/component video inputs, Toshiba, Toshiba Design Team

Most Aesthetic Video Design
• Martin-Logan Cinema, Martin-Logan Ltd., Gayle Sanders and the Martin-Logan Design Team
• Proceed AVP, Madrigal Audio Labs., Madrigal Design Team
• Sony DVP-S7000, Sony, Sony Design Center
• Theta Casablanca, Theta Digital, Theta Design Team
• Vidikron Vision 1, Vidikron of America, Giovanni Cozzi

Best New Video Company
• Dwin Electronics, Inc., Edward Bagjian & Joseph Smushkovich, Glendale, CA
• Snell & Wilcox, Luke Rawls, New York, NY
• Camelot Technologies, Inc., Mel Schilling, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Most Innovative Video Technology
• ATSC Digital TV Standard, Advanced Television Systems Committee/FCC
• Digital Micro Mirrors, Texas Instuments, Dr. Larry Hornback
• Faroudja Video Processing/line-doubling/line-quadrupling technology (Picture Perfect Plus)
• Sony Trinitron TVs w/flat-screen CRT technology, Sony, Sony Design Center
• Runco SAR200/SAR Controller, Runco International, Sam Runco