1080i/720p DVD Player

Samsung Electronics is going where no manufacturer has gone before, but where many are certain to follow.

At the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show in early January, the Korean electronics giant announced what it called "the first 1080i/720p DVD player," the DVD-HD931. The player's digital processors take the native 480p video of DVDs and upconvert it to user-selectable 1080i/720p, making it the ideal companion for high-definition sources.

The up-converting process takes place completely in the digital domain, eliminating data loss and other artifacts associated with analog conversion. The process upgrades the vast library of films and concerts on DVD to high-def quality, allowing owners of HDTV monitors and displays to enjoy the highest quality video available on the DVD market. The DVD-HD931 is also the first player on the market with a DVI (digital video interface) output, enabling it to deliver uncompressed digital video.

Winner of a CES "Innovations 2003 Design and Engineering Showcase honoree" award, the DVD-HD931 incorporates many advanced features such as Samsung's DNIe™ (Digital Natural Image engine), a proprietary processing algorithm for enhanced contrast and white tone, increased detail, and noise reduction. It also features Directional Correlational De-interlacing (DCDi™) technology by Faroudja. DCDi™ eliminates the jagged edges that appear when standard interlaced video is viewed on progressive-scan displays for a smooth and natural picture.

The DVD-HD931 is said to offer a "true cinematic experience." It's also Samsung's first US product to support DVD-Audio. Best part of the package is the price: US $349, available in June 2003.