Zenith DVC2550 Lowers Ticket Price for DVD Changer Fans

Entry-level single-disc DVD players have hovered around the $200 price point for more than a year now. Carousel-type CD changers can be found below $150, but DVD changers are generally well above $500. Zenith intends to change all that with its new $350 DVC2550, a carousel DVD changer with DTS and Dolby Digital capabilities.

With a brushed metallic faceplate detailed with chrome buttons, the DVC2550 has a style that sets it apart from the dozens of look-alike black boxes on the market. The five-disc changer will play DVDs and CDs with equal ease, but like many DVD players, will not accommodate CD-R or CD-RW discs. 10-bit video D/A conversion insures high-quality images; the stereo 96KHz/24bit audio DACs do likewise for the machine's sound. DTS and Dolby Digital signals are output on the changer's back panel for external decoding. Component video outputs, and digital audio outputs (one optical, one coaxial) complete the machine's connectivity.

For movie fans who want sonic thrills without the clutter of a full surround-sound system, the DVC2550 features a unique "Spatializer N-2-2 Virtual Surround" circuit that creates surround effects with only two front speakers. Video features include 4X and 16X zoom, up to 100X scanning speed, still pause and frame-by-frame advance, and an "EZ Search, EZ Scan with Marker" feature that lets users find favorite scenes quickly and easily.

The DVC2550 comes with a programmable universal remote control, many of whose features are duplicated on the changer's front panel. One extremely attractive aspect of the remote is its jog-shuttle dial, which simplifies fast forward, review, pause, and search functions. The DVC2550 is available now at Zenith dealers throughout North America.