Zenith Boosts Desktop Theater with ZLD15A1

Home theater for one---or "desktop theater" as it's sometimes known---has been taken to the next level by Zenith Corporation with the ZLD15A1, a 15.1"-diagonal high-definition capable LCD television/computer monitor.

Weighing only 13 lbs., the ZLD15A1 packs a lot of performance into a small package. Its TFT liquid crystal display boasts XGA level resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and offers full-motion NTSC video via a built-in 181 channel cable-compatible tuner. High Definition-Direct Broadcast Satellite images can be seen by means of a 15-pin VGA connector. The ZLD15A1 has a 200:1 contrast ratio with motion artifacts minimized by a digital comb filter. Audio is enhanced by onboard MTS stereo with Secondary Audio Program option.

With versatility in mind, Zenith has festooned the back of the ZLD15A1 with 7 A/V jacks, including component video and S-Video inputs. A headphone jack allows privacy while viewing movies. Trilingual Menus, mute, CC mute and Parental Control are all easily accessible via the remote control, as are bonus features such as EZ Timer and EZ Captions. The swivel base in included with each ZLD15A1, available in standard pewter color only.