YouTube Hits the Living Room

YouTube is breaking out of your computer and hitting the big screen.  Well... bigger screen, that is. Sony just announced that YouTube is now available on Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link service. How does it work?

Sony's Bravia televisions are available with a small device (MSRP: $300) that attaches to the back of some of their more recent LCD models. Connected to an Ethernet connection, you can stream on-demand videos, movies, weather, news and more, without using a computer. Now, for no additional charge, you can watch YouTube content too.

Logo_sony_header_en In the Sony press release, Randy Waynick, senior vice president of Sony Electronics' Home Products Division said, "Sony was one of the first to bring streaming Internet video to the television in the United States without a PC, and now you can access one of the most popular online video destinations, YouTube, on your BRAVIA TV. There are literally millions of videos to choose from on the BRAVIA Internet Video Link service and we'll continue to add the most compelling content available on the web."
Bravia_final_copy_sm YouTube is joining these other providers on the Internet Video Link: Yahoo!, AOL, Sports Illustrated,, CondéNet's,, Epicurious and channels, Sony Pictures' Crackle, The Minisode Network and Inside Sony Pictures channels, FEARnet, Ford Models, SingingFool, and VideoDetective.

Fine print: a 2.5 Mbps broadband connection is recommended for better quality viewing.

With an almost unlimited amount of ways to waste time viewing opportunities, the only reason you'll quit watching is so you can go broadcast something yourself!-Leslie Shapiro

Via Sony