Would You Buy a Blockbuster Box?

Blockbuster is firing on all cylinders in an attempt to bring movies into your living room every possible way. The company is so eager to please that its backing all movie delivery strategies - even conflicting ones. Its latest effort? A Blockbuster-branded set-top box that downloads movies over the Internet and plays them on your television, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

AppleTV already does this, and Netflix and TiVo are beginning to, but that won't stop Blockbuster from trying by using the 6,000 movie title catalog it acquired when it bought Movielink in August. At the same time as it works the downloads angle, Blockbuster is trying to pump up its stores with Blu-ray. Though the company announced long ago its support of the Blu-ray format, Blockbuster said Thursday that all stores would have the discs available, and that there will be more Blu-ray kiosks demonstrating PS3s and HDTVs. The company's mail order service, which struggles to compete with Netflix, will now offer an option for subscribers to set a preference to only receive Blu-ray discs (something Netflix has been doing for a while).

At this point, all three of Blockbuster's major strategies are struggling. Perhaps it would make more sense for the company to pick one horse and back it, rather than spending loads of cash investing in every movie delivery method. -Rachel Rosmarin