Won an iPhone

Hey Kids,
Remember back last winter when we held that Win-an-iPhone Contest? Well it wasn't just some scam to increase our site traffic (though it did that quite nicely - thanks for coming by). Yes, we actually have a winner!

Her name is Janie Cooley, and she's from Midland, Texas (yes, of course iPhones work in Midland, Texas, you 10-gallon-hats-for-brains).

Anyway, Janie and her iPhone are doing just fine, thank you. And don't ask us for her iPhone number, 'cause we wouldn't give it to you even if we knew it. Nor will we tell you how old she is, though we actually do know that (unless she lied on her entry form).

Really, don't ask anything. Just wish Janie a polite congrats and vow that you'll beat her when we hold the next S&V contest. Whatever that will be.-Rob Medich