‘Wizard of Oz’ 80th Anniversary 4K Blu-ray in Works

To commemorate the 80th Anniversary of one of the most beloved movies of all time, Warner Bros. staged a series of screenings of the Wizard of Oz in theaters around the country earlier this year. Now word on the street has it that a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray edition is in the works and slated for release this summer.

Several sources have cited July or the July-August time frame but there has been no official word from Warner on when a 4K version will be released on disc and how it will be packaged.

It’s reasonable to expect that the studio will celebrate the milestone with something special as it has for past anniversaries, including the 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition and 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (including a 3D version). We also know that an 8K scan of the film exists.

How would you like Warner celebrate 80 years of Oz and what other classics are on your 4K Blu-ray list?

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This classic has seen its fair share of restorations over the years but the wizards at Warner Brothers set a new standard with the 70th Anniversary edition. They took the original camera negatives and scanned them at 8K then using improved Ultra-resolution software they aligned the RGB elements pixel by pixel. The land of Oz never looked better with impeccable fine detail, breathtaking color saturation, and the sepia tones of the Kansas scenes are jaw-dropping. This will look amazing in 4K with WCG.