Wireless Goes Whoopsie

One of the buzzwords coming into the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show was the intriguing wireless TV. The idea is that you can shoot video or pictures from a digital video source to a TV without so much as an HDMI cable in between. But wireless TV may still be a work in progress as evidenced by demos on press conference day at CES. Samsung took the first stab, attempting to send recorded video of the press filing into the press conference room. What came on the TV instead was footage of luxury cars, a loop used to demo the company's new line of HDTVs. (Companies must hate when that happens in front of a room full of cynical journalists). Samsung did get the demo to work after an adjustment which may have been simply an input tweak.

Not so fortunate was Sony. When company officials attempted to show off the Sony's new TransferJet near-field media transfer technology from camera to TV, the screen displayed the message No File Available for Viewing. Sony chairman Sir Howard Stringer promised the company will get it right, and when it does, expect HD transfer capability with transfer speeds of 500 Mbps.--Rebecca Day