Will iPad 3 Go 3D?

Unnamed sources cited by a little-known publication assert that Apple's iPad 3 will be 3D capable. It would be totally irresponsible to pass on this kind of unsubstantiated rumor.

Mea culpa.

RCR Wireless quotes a "Hollywood insider" who calls 3D iPad "a dead cert." The same story claims confirmation from Foxconn, Apple's Chinese manufacturing partner, according to "several of our close industry sources."

The publication describes itself as "the premier news source for the wireless communications industry and is first with carrier, distributor, network, handset and mobile content news." Who's to say it's wrong?

Our friends over at DVICE suggest that the success of such a product would hinge on Hollywood's acceptance. "Apple knows its biggest strength is having content to support its hardware.... Without 3D content, the devices won't stand a chance."

DVICE also opines: "The display will probably have to be glasses-free like the 3DS and have an adjustable depth slider or else the 3D iPad 3 will run into the same 'headaches' problems Nintendo's new portable has."

See RCR Wireless Unplugged and DVICE.