What's in a Name?

File this one in the "Are you kidding me?" folder. Monster Cable is acting like Frankenstein's monster - out of control, and creating chaos in its wake. Monster Cable, maker of "high-end" audio and video cables and connectors is suing Monster Mini Golf for their use of the word, "Monster." Again, are you kidding me? 

MonsterMore specifically, Monster Cables is accusing Monster Mini Golf, a chain of putt-putt golf courses, of diluting the trademarked Monster name, and confusing the public. Yeah - can't you picture it? You walk up to the local putt-putt joint, looking for a 12-foot HDMI cable, and when they won't sell it to you, you give up on TV in general, and dedicate the rest of your life to sinking a hole-in-one in the clown's mouth.

Just so you don't think Monster Cable is picking on the little guys. They're also suing Monster.com and Pixar's film, Monsters, Inc.

Next time you do go shopping for cables, you might want to think about the company behind the name. Who do you want to support? -Leslie Shapiro

Via EngadgetHD