Warner Bros. Celebrates 85th with 85 in HD

What better way to celebrate Warner Bros. 85th anniversary than with the release of 85 of its best flicks on video on-demand?  Many of the movies will be showing in HD, so it's a great opportunity to check out some truly classic movies. How classic? How about Casablanca, Doctor Zhivago, or even recent classics such as Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome or Matrix Revolutions.

How else are they celebrating, and where can you get these movies?

Casablancadvdcover The VOD movices will be on Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox Cable, Charter Communications as well as DirecTV and DISH Networks satellite systems. Some of the 85 titles will be in standard def, but many will be offered for the first time in HD. How exciting.

In addition to the VOD presentations, there will be special indoor and outdoor screenings of some of the movies in locations in New York and Los Angeles. Now, where can I buy a picnic blanket? -Leslie Shapiro

Warner Bros. press release with complete list of movies and screenings.

Poster image courtesy of Amazon.com