Wanna Be The Top Gun In Your Home Theater?

Over the years we've seen many home theater companies attempt to rekindle memories of Hollywood's grand, but nearly forgotten ballyhoo past (some of which would make even the great William Castle jealous). Several companies make devices that will shake, rattle, and roll your chair during passages with loud, deep bass. We've even seen subwoofers said to originate from research projects aiming to imitate the low frequency groans that elephants use to communicate to each other through dense brush.

Now, thanks to Clark's Precision Machine and Tool (CPMT) instead of playing the movie Top Gun in your home theater, you can be the top gun in your very own F-18 flight simulator! Price of admission: only $68,000!

According to CPMT, the F-18E Super Hornet Micro Simulator is a "turnkey" package that includes everything needed to fly the simulator right out of the crate, and can be setup in less than 15 minutes. According to the press release the Super Hornet Micro simulator perfectly duplicates every instrument, switch, and button of the F-18's cockpit, and each is located in the exact position it would be found in the real aircraft. It is noted that ejection seat is also simulated, so no worries that a touch of the wrong button will shoot you out into the living room.

Obviously intended for military applications, the Super Hornet Micro is now available for sale to the general public. At $68k it's acknowledged that only the "most successful aviation enthusiast" will be able to afford the Super Hornet Micro, and of those it's unknown how many will actually be able to figure out how to use the thing. I'd love to see the user manual that comes with that!

But for the few and proud who can afford to add such a toy to their game room or home theater, information can be found at www.clarksmachine.com.