"Volcano" versus the "Volcano"!

Nycblast_5 Okay, I'm not trying to make fun of the deadly incident itself . . .

But c'mon, folks, hasn't anyone noticed the eerie similarity between the steam-pipe blast in New York yesterday - alias "Midtown Volcano!" (NY Post) or, more specifically, "Volcano on 41st Street" (NY Daily News) - and the Volcano in Los Angeles 10 years ago?

That cheesy film had Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche scrambling to fight an eruption in midtown L.A. And it was all I could think of yesterday as I watched the TV coverage of our real-life eruption, which occurred not all that far from S&V's offices.

Volcano, by the way, is indeed available on DVD. Better: Dante's Peak, with Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton, the other volcano movie released in 1997. It, too, is out on DVD. -Ken Richardson