Vizio Launches M-Series UHD TV Lineup with Prices Starting at $600

Vizio launched the M-Series lineup of UHD TVs featuring full-array LED backlighting in nine screen sizes. Prices range from $600 for a 43-inch model to $4,000 for an 80-inch screen.

Features across the line include 32 active LED zones of backlighting for improved picture uniformity and contrast, active pixel tuning for making “pixel level adjustments in brightness,” UHD streaming apps for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, UltraFlix, and Toon Goggles, support for HDCP 2.2 to enable playback of copy-protected UHD content, and an HDMI 2.0 port that supports UHD playback at 60 Hz.

The M-Series lineup is based on the latest generation Vizio’s Smart TV platform, which includes Internet Apps Plus, and incorporates 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi, and Vizio’s Spatial Scaling Engine that upscales HD images to UHD resolution with “better accuracy and clarity.” All models come with a two-sided remote with a backlit keyboard for simplified content searching.

The following screen sizes are offered: 43 inches ($600), 49 inches ($770), 50 inches ($800), 55 inches ($1,000), 60 inches ($1,500), 65 inches ($1,700), 70 inches ($2,200), 75 inches ($3,000), and 80 inches ($4,000).

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With prices like these, after this year, finding a 1080p display will be about as difficult as finding a 720p display is now.

This transition is happening MUCH faster this time around!

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So my Kuro is getting a little grey and adjusting the brightness just crushes blacks, if it goes completely this may be a great stop gap for me till OLED comes in the right size 75" for the right price $7500.