Vizio Launches App-Controlled, 4K/HDR TVs

Today marks the official launch of Vizio’s four-model P-Series lineup of high-dynamic range-enabled HDTVs at prices ranging from $1,000 for a 50-inch model to $3,800 for a 75-inch model. But that’s just part of the story.

In addition to a conventional remote control, each TV comes with a 6-inch Android Tablet Remote preloaded with Vizio’s SmartCast App, which integrates Google Cast, simplifies onscreen navigation, and aggregates content across platforms. Instead of jumping between apps, you can search and browse content by genre across multiple apps and sources before selecting the program you want—something Vizio calls a paradigm shift in content discovery.

SmartCast also creates a “smart entertainment ecosystem” that extends via Wi-Fi to a new Vizio soundbar and a forthcoming line of standalone speakers shown in prototype form at a recent press event (photo below). All app-enabled devices automatically sync up and can share content. A demonstration of the system was impressive.

In a break from your typical smart TV, the SmartCast app is resident on the tablet, not the TV, and puts TV controls and menus at your fingertips so you can make adjustments right on the tablet’s screen. The app is also available for download on any iOS or Android device.

The P-Series TVs include the P50-C1 ($1,000), P55-C1 ($1,300), P60-C1 ($2,000), and P75-C1 ($3,800). All models share the same technologies released in last year’s Reference Series models, including Dolby Vision high-dynamic range, Vizio’s Ultra Color Spectrum for a wider color gamut, and full-array LED backlighting with up to 128 active zones. Vizio said the P-Series models will also support HDR10 via a future update.

Highlights of the tablet remote, which comes with a wireless charging dock, include 1080p resolution, the Android Lollipop OS, a V8 octa-core processor, integrated speakers, and 16GB of storage so it can be used as a standalone device.

Prototype speakers, including an ultra-thin subwoofer on the floor under the table, shown with the Android Tablet Remote. The subwoofer is part of a forthcoming soundbar system (the soundbar is shown in the opening photo).

John CE's picture

According to Vizio's website they will not include a tuner in any of their 2016 TVs. I do not think this is a good idea. This seems to be playing into the hands of cable companies. Most after market tuners are not very good. The exceptions are the DVRs. Most of them are fairly expensive.

andyandmax's picture

You say "P60-C1," but the Vizio press release says "P65-C1."

Arturo's picture

I agree that having no tuner is a mistake, and just makes this an expensive monitor with the tablet as a draw. I don't want to have to purchase a separate tuner, or pay a cable company any more than I already do.

John Sully's picture

A separate tuner is $40 if you don't have cable or Sat. Another $40 if you spend >$1K on a TV is hardly going to break the bank.

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