Vizio Going High-End

It seems to be a common business model. Look at Hyundai. They hit the US market with very cheap affordable cars that were good, reliable modes of transportation. Get a reputation for building good, solid cars, then hit the market with luxury cars that rival the best in the biz.

Vizeo is doing the exact same thing. They spent years as the discount manufacturer of cheap value-priced, affordable HDTVs that were actually good and reliable. You know, Walmart-quality HDTV.

What's happening now?

Starting during the Olympics, ads ran pushing the Vizio name as a leader in technology and precision, downplaying the value-minded side of the brand. Their latest ad campaign features LaDainian Tomlinson and debuted during ESPN's Monday Night Football.

Vizio is also going to expand their product offerings to include a sound bar, surround speaker system, and a wireless subwoofer. Clearly, they're taking the Hyundai approach to build a name, then sell it on high-end qualities.

Let's hope Vizio is successful at climbing out of the bargain basement. With affordable prices, it would be a great HDTV to buy, if only they could remove the bargain-basement stigma associated with the Vizio name. -Leslie Shapiro

Marketing Daily