Vizio announces a 5.1-channel surround soundbar


Vizio has added a pair of true rear channels onto its newest home theater soundbar. While most soundbars rely on acoustic tricks to simulate surround sound, the Vizio VHT510 42" soundbar uses two additional rear-channel satellites to provide genuine surround sound. The soundbar provides the left, right, and center audio channels, while the satellites, connected to the included wireless subwoofer (and thus not needing to run a cable to the soundbar), provide the rear channel audio.

The soundbar features a 3-inch midrange driver and a .75-inch tweeters each for the left and right channels, and a pair of 2.75-inch midrange drivers and a .75-inch tweeter for the center channel. The rear satellites each feature two 2-inch drivers and and a .75-inch tweeter, and they connect to the 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer. The entire system will be available this fall for $399.

Will Greenwald