Vizio’s Flagship P-Series Displays Now in Stores

Vizio today announced that its flagship P-Series and M-Series 4K/Ultra HD displays are now available in stores.

The internet-enabled SmartCast displays feature full-array backlighting, Xtreme Black Engine Plus processing, which works with Vizio’s local dimming algorithm to dynamically adapt brightness, Chromecast built-in for “casting” video from smartphone apps to the big screen, and support HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) content.

M-Series models are the 55-inch M55 ($700), 65-inch M65 ($1,200), 70-inch M70 ($2,000), and 75-inch M75 ($2,500).

P-Series models are the 55-inch P55 ($1,000), 65-inch P65 ($1,700), and 75-inch P75 ($3,500).

The company also announced that the SmartCast TV feature, which enables viewers to use the TV remote to browse featured content on the screen, will be available later this summer. Vizio is also bringing the SmartCast mobile experience to 2016 and 2017 SmartCast displays. Apps will be accessible directly from the display and users will be greeted with content recommendations and favorite apps from the home screen. The SmartCast Mobile app, which transforms iOS and Android mobile devices into touchscreen remotes, is available for download.

A revamped out-of-box experience is said to help viewers get the displays up and running quickly using a supplied remote control.

For a more detailed overview of both series, see “Vizio 2017 Line Boasts Better Pic, SmartCast Features.”

The new models are available in-store and online through retailers such as Best Buy, Costco, Sam's Club, Target, and Walmart.

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Not showing on either the Best Buy or Costco websites yet.

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It appears that the largest size available for the M series will now be 75" instead of 80" so the only 2017 Vizio model available in an 80" screen size is the E series.

I find that somewhat surprising as I thought the trend was for TVs to get bigger not smaller. I can only assume they were not selling many 80" M series. That is a pity because it would be nice to have more options for screens 80" and larger and at a lower price point. I wish Vizio would offer an 85" P or M series at a decent price point like the LeEco uMax (which I can't get as it is not available in Canada and which I would be a bit wary of ordering in any event without being able to view it first).