Vidikron's Bright, New Epoch D-2200

Three ultra-high resolution LCD panels and twin projection lamps make Vidikron's new Epoch D-2200 a frontrunner in the home theater projection race.

The D-2200 is fully compatible with both 1080i and 720p, the two highest-resolution varieties of HDTV. The projector can be placed almost anywhere in the room thanks to the unit's unique vertical shift compensation circuit, which the companys says renders natural, film-like images without "keystoning," or turning the picture's frame into a truncated pyramid.

A built-in digital scaler with motion interpolation eliminates motion artifacts common with LCD projectors. With Vidikron's motorized zoom lens, distance to the screen is no obstacle either: a clear, well-defined image can be created on screens large or small. The D-2200 even has an XGA mode for use with personal computers.

Versatility is Vidikron's middle name: the Epoch features three ultra high-resolution (1024x768) LCD panels and two long-life projection lamps, which can be run independently or together for increased brightness. See the Home Theater dealer database to find a dealer near you.