Don't have time to catch up with Jack Bauer and every episode of 24? Ever wish you could take all of the programs locked away on your cable company's DVR with you on the road? Now you can with Panasonic and Comcast's new co-branded AnyPlayT Portable DVR/DVD.

Beginning in early 2009, the model TZ-LC100 will allow you to take your recorded programming with you wherever you go. The 60 GB drive will provide enough storage to watch hours of programming on the 8.5-inch LCD display. And if you ever get tired of watching your recorded Family Guy episodes, you can use the included DVD drive to enjoy portable movies or an audio CD.

When placed into a docking station at home, the unit delivers all of the functionality we've come to know and love from a standard set-top DVR. This might very well become the weary commuter's new best friend. This portable DVR will also feature the tru2way bi-directional CableCARD technology.
- John Sciacca