Use Your Noggin: LimbGear's Noggin Net

Think you've seen it all? How about an MP3 skullcap? At first glance, you must wonder why anyone would bother, but you know, it's actually kinda cool.

LimbGear's Noggin Net is a cap with a built-in pocket for an MP3 player, plus the band has a slot in it so you can route earbuds from the player to your ears. Sounded silly, but think about it. In the winter, if you're using an MP3 player, you've got to route it from your jacket, over a scarf, under the hat, or more.Taking off any one of those layers becomes a hassle of tangled cords and clothing.

Think of the Noggin Net as a kind of wireless system. With wires.

See what players it's compatible with, and how it works.

According to LimbGear, the pocket in the hat will hold these players: iPod Nano (all sizes), iPod Classic, Zune 4, Zune 8, Zune 16, Creative Zen, Creative Zen V, Creative Stone Plus, Creative Zen Stone, Creative Zen Mosaic, Creative Zen X-Fi, Samsung, Freestyle Audio Sport and more!

It comes with LimbGear Buds that are regular earbuds, but with a shorter cable that's designed to be the perfect length for the hat.

Interesting idea. When you need to hear something, pop out the earbuds and they'll be quite handy when you're ready to listen again. Take off the hat and easily get everything back into position when it's time to listen again. Not such a silly product afterall. -Leslie Shapiro