Ultralink HDMI cables make the big bend

HDMI cables are packed full of conductors and they tend to be pretty stiff. So if your equipment rack's up against the wall, you might have a tough time bending the HDMI cables to make the 90-degree turn into the back of your receiver. There are plenty of 90-degree HDMI adapters, but a lot of them are made very cheaply and aren't certified to carry high-res signals.

At CES, amid countless introductions of me-too HDMI cables that all claim they're better than the other guys' cables, I found a product that seems to solve the HDMI bend problem gracefully and affordably. Ultralink Products has a new flat HDMI cable, dubbed UFHDMI, that makes a 90-degree bend easily—and they give you a little plastic clip that holds the bend into place. Stubby connectors on the end make the bend even more compact.

The flat cable should be fairly easy to pull through walls, and even easier to tuck under carpets. It's available in black or white. Ultralink says it's HDMI 1.4-compatible.

I was surprised to see how reasonable the price is: only $30 for a 1-meter cable.

A new HDMI cable that isn't insanely priced and delivers a useful advantage? Maybe miracles are possible.

Brent Butterworth