Ultimate Movie Trivia Mother Lode Discovered

Did you know that William Shakespeare, with 329 film titles to his credit, is the most prolific screenwriter of all time? Neither did I. Did you know that Mel Blanc---the voice of Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Tweety Bird, etc.---is the most prolific film actor of all time, with an astounding 672 titles to his credit? Neither did I. Did you know that D.W. Griffith's total of 545 films makes him the most prolific director ever? Neither did I. Did you know he was also the third most prolific screenwriter, with 222 scripts? Did you know that silent-film star Mary Pickford appeared in more movies (238) than any other actress? Have you ever even heard of Julia Caesar, whose 135 film appearances make her the 20th most prolific screen actress of all time? Neither had I.

These and a host of other fascinating film facts are all at your keyboard-callused fingertips. The Internet Movie Data Base maintains an incredibly well-organized archive of essential information on over 120,000 movies. The continuously expanding database features more than 1,750,000 filmographies, enough to keep even the most ardent film fancier occupied for a very long time.

The site also runs an ongoing poll, updated weekly, for best and worst films. Members (registration is free) can vote for their most-loved and most-hated films. The membership of IMDB is a most erudite crowd: this week The Shawshank Redemption, the poignant prison drama starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, is rated the best movie of all time. Examples of other rankings include Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window at #12, followed by Pulp Fiction at #13, Blade Runner at #15, and Lawrence of Arabia at #18.

How about the worst movie of all time? The IMDB website features the top (or bottom) 100 worst movies of all time as voted by its members. Tied for first place---the worst of the worst---are this year's Dis and 1966's Manos, the Hands of Fate. The #4 all-time stinker is last year's Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace. Batman and Robin, a recent release and currently a hot-selling DVD, is ranked #68 among the 100 worst, tied with 1957's The Amazing Colossal Man.

Want the scoop on what's happening behind the scenes in Hollywood? Got a hot idea for a film? Or just curious about who is the second-most prolific film composer ever? (It's Ennio Morricone of spaghetti Western fame: 324 flims.) Just point your browser to www.imdb.com and have a great time. It's the film lover's ultimate link to die for.