Tune In…and Out with Helmfon

If you work in an open space—and hate it—rest assured a Ukrainian company is working on a solution they say will isolate you from inevitable distraction and help you get a little peace and quiet.

But there’s a catch… You have to be willing to wear a super helmet reminiscent of the one worn by The Great Gazoo, the tiny, green floating alien who appeared from time to time in the ’60s TV series The Flintstones.

Limelight Networks asked the design firm Hochu rayu to create small meeting rooms where its employees could make skype calls without disturbing their colleagues but instead of actual rooms, they came up with Helmfon—a prototype glass-fiber “helmet-phone” outfitted with a microphone, sound system, and a “special place inside for a smartphone.”

The bulbous helmet uses active sound absorption to block outside noise so you can answer and make calls, participate in Skype conferences, watch movies and videos, and engage in many other tech-based activities without distraction and without disturbing nearby co-workers.

Hochu rayu is testing Helmfon in Ukrainian offices and gathering feedback to refine its (whacky?) concept.’

Would you don a Helmfon?