Trinnov to Demo DTS:X Pro with 28-Speaker Setup

Trinnov Audio, the Paris-based company specializing in high-end immersive audio technologies, is teaming with Procella Audio and Kaleidescape to stage one of the first public demonstrations of the new super high-end DTS:X Pro format at the upcoming ISE 2020 exhibition in Amsterdam.

An update of the object-based DTS:X format, DTS:X Pro makes it possible to create a home-theater setup with up to 32 uniquely-rendered channels, up from 12.

The demonstration will be held in a special 15-seat immersive audio theater featuring a 15.3.10-channel speaker layout. The heart of the system is Trinnov’s Altitude32 AV Cinema Processor, the only consumer device capable of rendering of the full DTS:X Pro complement of 30.2 discrete channels. The processor incorporates the company’s patented Speaker/Room Optimizer and 2D/3D loudspeaker remapping technology.

Processors based on traditional DSP-based platforms are limited to 16 discrete channels. Trinnov says having the ability to substantially increase the number of channels makes possible a “higher degree of spatial resolution and greater immersion, in addition to providing much greater consistency of sound among all the seats in a theater.”

The demo setup will comprise 28 Procella speakers powered by Procella amplifiers, a Kaleidescape Strato S movie server, and Sony VPL-W5000ES 4K laser projector.

DTS:X Pro is being made available to owners of Trinnov’s Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors as a free software update. The upgrade requires a simple online download that takes about 15 minutes.

In addition to Trinnov’s new cinema trailer, attendees will experience the company’s Music Machine One video, which combines images of an imagined music machine with a dynamic soundtrack that uses multiple, active “objects” to take full advantage of the immersive audio capabilities of DTS:X Pro.

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