Triad rolls out an army of new subwoofers

Triad DSP Sub CollageTriad Speakers has announced a new line of subwoofers, ranging from tiny floor-warmers to big, hidden wall-rockers. The InRoom, InWall, and InCeiling subwoofers are the first new subwoofers announced by Triad in 8 years.

As indicated by their relatively uninspired name, the Triad InRoom DSP Sub subwoofers are in-room subwoofers that support DSP. The subwoofers come in powered and unpowered-with-separate-emp versions. The powered models feature Triad's PlateAmps built into the enclosure, while the unpowered models use Triad's RackAmps, installed separately. Both the PlateAmps and RackAmps feature DSP, which use an included microphone to measure noise and correct peaks and nulls. The subwoofer models range from the 8-inch, 300-watt Mini DSP Sub to the 18-inch, 1,000-watt Platinum DSP Sub.

Triad's InWall and InCeiling subwoofers also support DSP, when paired with Triad RackAmps. The InCeiling Mini/8 and InCeiling Bronze/10 subwoofers respectively feature 8- and 10-inch drivers, and can work with either the 300-watt or 500-watt RackAmps. The InWall Silver/15 subwoofer puts a 12-inch woofer into a 15 inch-deep enclosure, and works with a 500-watt RackAmp. Finally, the InWall SlimSub/4 uses a super-slim enclosure that measures only 4 inches deep, and features a 10-inch driver powered by a 300-watt RackAmp.

The subwoofers ship in May, and range from $1,000 (InRoom Mini DSP Sub) to $2,500 depending on configuration.

Will Greenwald