TiVo'ing Your PC

There are so many ways to interface between your home entertainment system and your home computer. The lines between the two are disappearing, but one product seemed to be stuck firmly on the entertainment side. The DVR seemed to only exist in the entertainment console, unless you could work things out with MythTV, Beyond TV, or Windows Media Center.

Until now.

Nero has a new system that will turn a Windows PC into a TiVo. Not just a DVR, TiVo-esque product, but full-on, licensed by TiVo, complete with the curvy remote you know and love. Called LiquidTV, it has the same program guide and interface, but it can also record to DVD or export to portable video devices.

There are two versions of Liquid TV. What's the difference?

There will be a $200 version that includes the beloved remote, a USB DTV tuner and antenna that will pull down HD broadcasts, and an IR blaster that will control external receivers that can be connected to the video card on your PC. If you have all that hardware, you can purchase the $100 software-only version.

Productsliquidtvscreen01640_2Need more convincing? Either version comes with one year of TiVo service. Not too shabby.

The folks at CNET had a hands-on demo, so click on the link to read their comments.

Is it just me, or is the line between TV and computers getting even fuzzier than ever? -Leslie Shapiro

Nero LiquidTV