TiVo Wins, DISH Denied

Isn't patent law fascinating? TiVo has owned the patent for, well, TiVo'ing. Their ability to time-shift while recording a show was a patented process, and DISH's DVRs were violating that patent. The damages stretch back over two years. The first decision was appealed by DISH.

The appeal was just denied, and now DISH has to pay for the infringement on TiVo's patent. How much? A mere $104 million. Ouch.

While this case has wrapped up, there's another trial in the works for the solution that DISH came up with to get around the patent.

What do you think TiVo will do with all that money?

I've already noticed some new things with my TiVo. Tuesday and Wednesday night's episodes of The Biggest Loser were both tucked into a little folder. Folders, on my TiVo. The two episodes of Lost that I've saved since last season were in their own little folder. All of my shows were placed neatly into folders, with a number next to it indicating how many episodes were in the folder. I wish my computer would automatically organize itself like that. -Leslie Shapiro