TiVo Shaves Down Lag Time

Those spoiled TiVo-owners always seem to get what they want. Unlike the poor slobs who get by with poorly-designed and slow-as-molasses DVRs from the cable company, TiVo customers will soon get an upgrade that improves response times and processing wait times on their HD and Series 2 boxes. Everyone else will simply get back to twiddling their thumbs or practicing Zen philosophy.

The software update, dubbed version 9.3, will roll out over the next few weeks, though some customers can expedite the arrival of the update by signing up on TiVo's priority page (This page is for Series 2 owners. A different priority page for HD TiVo owners will be available soon.).

What, exactly will TiVo tweak? Just about every routine page that users visit within the TiVo interface, including setting Season Pass priorities (30 seconds faster), loading TiVo Central (1 second faster), browsing the Now Playing list (1 second faster), confirming a recording (3 to 5 seconds faster), and changing channels (1 second faster).

Great, now the efficiency of TiVo machines will allow users to watch even more hours of television than everybody else. Enjoy! -Rachel Rosmarin