TiVo’s New Edge DVR Supports Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos Sound

TV time-shifters, rejoice: TiVo has announced a new DVR, the TiVo Edge, along with a new streaming video service, the TiVo+ network, to go with it.

The TiVo Edge comes in two flavors: one designed to work with an over-the-air HD antenna, and the other with a digital CableCARD. Both models support 4K video with Dolby Vision high dynamic range and Dolby Atmos sound, making them worthy of the name “Edge.” Like previous DVRs from the company, the new machines will feature a SkipMode control to automatically leap to the end of a commercial break in a recorded program, along with TiVo’s OneSearch feature for searching titles on both stored programs and streaming apps and OnePass for automatic recording of TV show episodes in proper chronological order. Supported streaming apps on the Edge include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, Hulu, Vudu, and YouTube.

The TiVo+ Network, which, according to the company, is “coming soon,” aggregates free programming from various internet video sources, with the following channels available at launch: Adventure Sports Network, AllTime, Ameba, America's Funniest Home Videos, Baeble Music, BatteryPOP, Complex, FailArmy, FilmRise Classic TV, FilmRise Family, FilmRise Free Movies, Food52, Football Daily, Hell's Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares, Journy, Kid Genius, NatureVision, Outside TV+, People Are Awesome, PowerNation, Puddle Jumper, The Asylum, The Pet Collective, The Preview Channel, TMZ, Unsolved Mysteries.

TiVo’s new antenna and cable DVRs are available now for $349 and $399, respectively. The Edge features a 2TB hard disk capable of recording up to 300 hours of HD programs from 6 separate tuners on the cable version, and 4 tuners on the antenna version. Service plan options for TiVo EDGE for antenna include $6.99 monthly, $69.99 annually, or a one-time All-In-Plan for $249.99. Options for the cable version include $14.99 monthly, $149.99 annually, or a one-time All-In-Plan for $549.99.

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They are now injecting ads before your personal recordings...even IF you previously paid for a lifetime subscription. They will be gone in a year if they continue this practice. Users are already flooding the forums with complaints about this.