TiVo Premiere now available

The newest TiVo is finally available to the public, after months of waiting and a year or two of sheer speculation. The TiVo Premiere is now on sale in two different flavors, ready for installation in your home theater.

The TiVo Premiere features TiVo's Series4 architecture, and can output video at up to 1080p. The standard TiVo Premiere, available for $300, can store up to 45 hours of high definition video, while the TiVo Premiere XL, available for $500, can store up to 150 hours. The TiVo Premiere XL is also THX-certified, and its remote control is backlit.

Of course, if you want to enjoy your TiVo, you'll have to subscribe to the TiVo service in addition to buying the new hardware. If you already have a lifetime subscription on another TiVo... you'll still have to subscribe, or get a new subscription. "Lifetime" subscriptions can't be transferred to the new TiVos.

Will Greenwald

[Source: Engadget HD]